Commissary Kitchen Membership Application

HAEC offers memberships to food service professionals such as food trucks, caterers, and other types of certified food handlers. Choose the membership that best suits your needs as a food business and become a part of a group of creative individuals who use the co-working space to amplify their food service. Fill out an application and take a tour of the facility to see how the HAEC can meet your needs.   

Main Contact for Business*
Membership Level*
Type of Food Service
Do you have a food service certification from the Huntington County Health Department? If you are certified in another county please choose other.*
Desired Start date of Membership
Please select a date on the 1st or 15th of the month

Demographic Information

*All demographic information obtained will not be attached to your name. The data collected will not be used for marketing purposes in any way.  

Marital Status*
Household Income*
Household Size*
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